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Questions about Colorado’s manager after this season have been answered: it’ll be Bud Black once again. Where does Buddy stand on the all-time list of Rockies’ managers and why he brought back for another round? The Joint Drug Agreement has been suspended, so players will not be drug tested this offseason. Will this be the start of the next PED…

Bud Black will not be a lame duck manager in the final year of his contract in 2022. Instead, the Colorado Rockies gave him a one-year extension that will keep him as manager through the 2023 season. Black has helmed the club since being hired in 2017, immediately taking Colorado to their first postseason since 2009. He did the same...

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Denver – In the Colorado Rockies 25-year history, the postseason has been a dream more often than not. But it has been a reality the last two years under the direction of manager Bud Black whose specific abilities to reach and teach young pitching appears to have been among the most important factors for the suddenly consistent contenders. As such, and without much surprise, the club reached an agreement on Monday to extend the manager’s contract for another three years, providing a bit of stability to a team that is still looking at a bit of an ambiguous future. The questions will keep pouring in about the long term plans for Nolan Arenado and will begin soon about extensions for…