Jim Leyland


The election of Scott Rolen to the Baseball Hall of Fame on his sixth ballot is a worthy one. Rolen was to his generation of third basemen almost precisely what Nolan Arenado is today: outstanding defender, terrific offensive contributor and a cornerstone player needed for putting together a World Series contender. https://twitter.com/baseballhall/status/1618024554210680833 Arenado has five seasons of 35 or more…...

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K.P. Wee, author and host of The K.P. Wee Podcast, discusses his late book, “The Case For Barry Bonds in the Hall of Fame: The Untold and Forgotten Stories of Baseball’s Home Run King.” He details the double standards and unfair criticism Bonds has faced in his career, not to mention several interesting anecdotes about his treatment of teammates that…

DNVR Rockies beat reporters Drew Creasman and Patrick Lyons battle for supremacy discussing various hot topics pertaining to the inhabitants of 2001 Blake Street as well all the scuttlebutt in and around the game of baseball. Nestled in a small town in bucolic upstate New York named for the father of 19th century American writer James Fenimore Cooper rests the…