Calvin Booth


Justin Michael is joined by Brendan Vogt of the DNVR Nuggets beat and the two discuss how David Roddy’s workout went with the Denver Nuggets on June 7. Vogt talks about Roddy getting a lot of face time with head coach Michael Malone and GM Calvin Booth. The two also discuss what Roddy’s fit could be on Denver specifically and what he’ll need to do to carve out a role at the next level. DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!  iTunes Link | Stitcher Link |Spotify Link | Google Play

DNVR: Welcome back to Nuggets basketball! Even with the last three seasons being packed so tightly together, you seem to be very ready to get back to basketball. Is that right? Katy Winge: Well, when you say I’m “ready”, I think what I’m ready for is that feeling of normalcy. I think that cliche, “you don’t know what you’ve got...

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