Mike Olson

Mike Olson is a weekly columnist for DNVR. The Colorado State University alum was born and raised in Fort Collins and has been writing about Denver sports for the last decade-plus. After over a decade away, he is thrilled to be back in and around Colorado. No place like home.

That’s the true gift of what Deion Sanders and even a don’t-forget-about-me Jay Norvell have brought to this years’ proceedings. For the first time in who knows how long, this game actually feels as if it matters. It matters, and will have the appropriate and attendant number of eyes on it when we finally get to kickoff.

My neighborhood is filled with dogs, one of them a giant who is aging gracefully alongside his somewhat-elderly owner. When she walks him down the street he never pulls the leash harder than she might handle, he never takes off running after a cat or rabbit who might have grabbed his attention. He is gentle in every regard. His name…

Once you’ve shown a fan base what ultimate success tastes like, there’s really no where to go but down – or level, if you can manage to keep yourself at the top for very long – and when that ultimate descent begins, there are words attached that can sting…

Four names that seem as if they ought to have been enshrined, already. Will this be the year for all four of them? Good luck with that.

By that broad definition, just about any of those mentioned could be a sport, just as cup stacking or mutton busting or even camel jumping might be. Might be for somebody, anyway.

When it comes to sports and gambling in the past, Player Rose is not just a first-ballot Hall of Famer, he’s THE first-ballot Hall of Famer, a guy who owns the kind of forever records that matter in a sport of the size and history of baseball. Manager/player-then-manager-bettor on his own games Rose is the capital-P Pariah that can actually possibly erase all that amazingness, at least during his own lifetime.

If this overall pattern keeps up and the Rockies have a six-game winning streak in their near future, who knows… they might follow that up by not winning again the rest of the season.

Another tale… Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A “guy” who happens to be tremendously naturally gifted at basketball, makes, remakes, and re-remakes himself and his game to eventually become the two-time MVP, a guy who is mentioned breathlessly as the first possible three-time-in-a-row MVP since Larry Bird, joining an elite list with few others in it.

“You deserve this. You, listening to this show right now, you deserve this moment. Because the Denver Nuggets are going to the NBA Finals.” – Matt Moore, Action Network, co-host, Locked on Nuggets

master key (noun)definition – a key that opens several locks, each of which also has its own key. As someone who may have often been asked to spend a little extra time after school on occasion, possibly due to a little mischief, I often found myself making friends with the school janitors, who were usually hard at work by the…

“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.”- Theodore Roosevelt If the former Bull Moose Party leader knows anything about anything, these Denver Nuggets and their fanbase must have a lot of belief, because for better and for worse, the team is halfway there. At the close of last season, and with the looming returns of Jamal Murray and Michael Porter,…

In the moments the Nuggets had salted a game away this season, and when the rookie saw the floor, he did a few things so few players bother with in scrub time. Christian passed the ball. He stole the ball. He blocked shots and passes. And he took the shots that were open, not the ones that might give him a couple points on that night’s stat sheet. He played the basketball he’d been playing ever since his mom was chewing his ass into the passenger seat of their long ride home, and he ate up every lesson. Even Coach Mike was duly impressed.