Sean Payton


Russell Wilson has been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL in the red zone and at the end of games for the Denver Broncos this year.

But he only has the 19th most passing yards in the NFL, behind Minnesota Vikings’ QB Joshua Dobbs, New Orleans Saints QB Derek Carr, Seattle Seahawks QB Geno Smith and Green Bay Packers QB Jordan Love.

Does Sean Payton need more from Russell Wilson in order for the Broncos to make the playoffs? Or is his efficient and timely play enough for the Broncos to make a run in their final five games against the Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Chargers, New England Patriots and Las Vegas Raiders?

The 6-5 Denver Broncos are tied for the final Wild Card spot in the AFC playoff picture with the 6-5 Indianapolis Colts and the 6-5 Houston Texans.

With six games left in the season, what needs to happen for Sean Payton and Russell Wilson to make the final push for the playoffs?

The first step is beating the Texans in Houston on Sunday.

Will the Broncos win?

Denver Broncos’ All-Pro cornerback Patrick Surtain II joins the show less than 48 hours after the Broncos’ fifth-straight win of the season.

Surtain discusses the Broncos’ 29-12 win over the Cleveland Browns and how Denver’s defense was able to get the win.

Surtain then breaks down the Broncos’ next opponent and how the team can beat the Houston Texans. How big of a challenge will it be for Vance Joseph’s defense, led by Surtain and Justin Simmons, to stop C.J. Stroud and Tank Dell? Will Surtain follow Tank around the field?

The Denver Broncos and Sean Payton are tied with the Philadelphia Eagles as the hottest team in the NFL right now as both teams have won five-straight games.

Although the Broncos are currently tied with the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans for the final playoff spot in the AFC, and do not hold the tiebreaker, are they one of the best teams in the AFC?