Kyle Shanahan


As the Broncos search for a head coach and quarterback this offseason, they can learn a lot from the four remaining teams in the playoffs.

Don't be afraid to go young at head coach.

Don't be afraid to have a massive investment at quarterback.

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Editor’s Note: Above is an audio story, designed to give BSN Denver subscribers the option to listen to this story if they don’t have time to stop and read it in its entirety. Enjoy! ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — You ever hear a coach or player say something about their sport that just absolutely blows your mind? For me, it’s one of the most rewarding parts of this job, because while I am confident in my knowledge of almost any sport, I have fully come to terms with the fact that I can learn something from anyone in a locker room. For example, I was standing right next to the great Drew Creasman when Daniel Murphy explained to us that he sees lineup…