Kumar Rocker


Several players of serious intrigue will available when the Colorado Rockies make the 10th overall selection in the 2022 MLB Draft. Much like the last two years when the team possessed the ninth overall pick to take outfielders Zac Veen (2020) and Benny Montgomery (2021), the upside that early is always going to be high. The organization of draft and…...

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While it may seem a fool’s errand to attempt a prediction at the results of the 2020 MLB season – let alone whether or not it shall even happen – an effort to forecast next year’s MLB Draft may not be much easier. However, the endeavor is incredibly enticing. The more and more unlikely it becomes that we’ll have a 2020 Opening Day parallels the unprecedented possibility of having no draft the following season. After only five rounds this year on June 10-11, the March 26th agreement between MLB and the MLB Players’ Association dictated the 2021 MLB Draft will be scheduled for 20 rounds, down from the standard 40 in previous years. There’s one caveat to this accord, according…