Kevin Kiermaier


The 2022 MLB Winter Meetings are over. What’s next for the Colorado Rockies and how did they fare while in San Diego? Will they actually follow through on adding another left-handed bat? Will they make a surprising splash in the free agency for a starting pitcher? And who were the new guys they added to Triple-A Albuquerque? ‘A return to…

Colorado created five new openings on the 40-man roster in preparation for next week’s deadline that will determine who could be poached in December’s Rule 5 draft. Which former top prospects have gone elsewhere? What fan favorite may find more opportunities elsewhere? And which center field options make more sense than Brandon Nimmo? Plus, we also break down why Commissioner…

As part of the lockout enacted by Major League Baseball, transactions as well as communication have officially ceased.  This means those rumors and rumblings during the coldest months of the Hot Stove League have become null. While no one truly believes back-and-forths have been entirely nonexistent, the typical whispers to media members have become little more than a cold shoulder.…...

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