Brenton Doyle


My hyper-observant father was reminding me of my younger days, when he and my mom would come into my bedroom at night to find me fast asleep and completely entombed in my covers, with my lips poking out from under the edge of the sheet and blanket. I’d actually pursued the course of the kid in the Far Side cartoon above, giving myself a breathing hole, and with it complete and unassailable protection from the impending monster attack. To be honest, I was a little jealous I’d never thought of the damned snorkel. Genius.

Citizens Bank Park continues to provide home field advantage for the Philadelphia Phillies. Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola have benefitted on the pitching side while the entire lineup – Kyle Schwarber, Nick Castellanos and Bryce Harper – have enjoyed home runs sprees of their own. Do the Arizona Diamondbacks belong in the NLCS? Can Chase Field provide the same boost…

Colorado Rockies head towards 100 losses with a 1-5 homestand against Atlanta and the Toronto Blue Jays. Bullpen struggles, starting pitching surges and the Young Rox excite at Coors Field. Will Daniel Bard pitch again in 2023? Will the starting rotation need a replacement for Austin Gomber? Why is Brenton Doyle getting more national media attention? The DNVR Rockies Podcast…