Even on the third day of the 2023, it’s still not too late to make a New Year’s Resolution. Baseball fans have a lot of options between reducing participation in the wave, selling their tickets during the Dodgers series and actually paying attention to the game while at The Rooftop.

Patrick and Suzie break down the details on what the Rockies would give up in Brendan Rodgers and what they’d receive with Marlins’ starting pitcher Edward Cabrera. Could a long-term extension be in the cards for B-Rod, similar to what Atlanta has been doing with their young stars?

Plus, the Rangers rotation is stacked. Will Jon Gray win the (AL) West before Colorado? And will Joshua Fuentes get a World Series ring before Nolan Arenado?

New faces and new uniforms highlight season, but same disappointing results: The Best of DNVR Rockies in 2022 by Patrick Lyons