Henry Chisholm, Andre Simone and Guy Casavan break down the week’s biggest storylines and give advice for Week 6 and beyond.


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  • Hey guys, looking for some trade advice… I have both Kittle and Kelce on my team and am trying to shop one of them. A team in my league is loaded at RB (Aron Jones, James Conner, Jonathan Taylor, and James Robinson) and they’ve approached me about a trade (Kelce for Robinson and Engram was their initial offer). Which of his RB should I target and which TE should I try to keep? Part of me just wants to roll with both TE’s as my team has been crushing it lately and my RBs (Davis/McCaffery, Gaskins, and Gordon) are decent, but I know the smart move is probably to make a trade. Maybe I should target WR’s since my guys (Kupp, Jefferson, Shenault, Patrick) have been inconsistent. What do you guys think? Should I wait a couple weeks or pull the trigger now? I have a ton of trade leverage and a great team – I feel like making the right move here could win the league. Sorry for the long post, love the pod – keep up the great work!

    • Since I’m already here, I might as well add I’ve received another trade offer of D.J. Moore, Renfrow, and Chase Edmonds for Kittle. Thoughts?

  • I’m going into today (Monday) down by 31 In my league. My only player left? Kenyan drake. Who I drafted earlier then many thought I should, and who hasn’t done anything for me. He scored 32 tonight, and won me the day. Damn I’m excited, finally drake! You think this is all he needed to finally be a high value RB1? Also, is it time to leave juju on my bench until further notice? I have jeudy, Tyler Boyd, terry McLaughlin, and chase claypool? Juju has not been at all what I thought he’d be this year? What 3 WRs should I be starting this year? Thanks guys!

  • Hi guys:

    Quick question. I ended up having both Patrick Mahomes and Kyler Murray on my team. Leaning towards trading Mahomes as he has the larger name value and they seem to be putting up similar numbers. What do you think Mahomes trade value is at this point? Should I be looking for an RB1, WR1, or perhaps an elite TE like Kittle?

    Thanks again!

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