Jake Schwanitz joins Andre Simone and Henry Chisholm to break down skill position players and answer listener questions.


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Henry was born in Columbia Falls, Montana and graduated from Columbia Falls High School in 2015. He earned bachelor's degrees in journalism and economics from the University of Montana in 2019. Henry joined BSN Denver as a remote staff writer in 2017, providing support to BSN's Broncos beat reporters. He interned at BSN headquarters in the summer of 2018 and accepted a full-time position after graduating from UM.

  • Long time listener, first time commenter. Just received a military/veteran membership. I really appreciate that you do this.

    I have been following Andrew Mason’s work for many years and I believe he is the best media member to follow for accurate Broncos coverage. After listening to the podcast for a while now I believe that Ryan and Zac are pretty amazing too. Y’all form a great trio. However, enough of the praise on to the question.

    My question is would you prefer Andrew Thomas and Laviska as the first two picks with not trading up or would you prefer your pick of the top three receivers at #8 if the cost is the 1st and (2nd or all three thirds) to trade up? I feel like this is how much it will ultimately cost due to the seeming demand for OTs and WRs early in the draft. As much as I love all three of the top WRs I think trading that far up is going to cost too much as we are not one player away from contention. Sorry for the long comment.

  • What’s up fellas?! It’s Draaaaaft Weeeeeeek!! We’ve finally made it, and I am so excited..

    Thank you to you both for all your excellent coverage and discussion topics over the past few months, and Mase too when he’s joined ya. Although I have to say, this has increased my levels of anticipation, to that of a child waiting for Christmas morning, but I don’t think anything could stop that from happening. Come on Thursday night, why aren’t you here already!?!

    Has there been a Broncos Draft in recent years that is falling so nicely for us? Ruggs has been bumped up in popularity, meaning Jeudy/Lamb are a real possibility. 3 or 4 OTs have been rising up the boards, meaning we can fall back on one of them if the elite 3 receivers are gone. Biadasz and ‘Viska, once First Round prospects, have dropped down to where we might even snag both in the 3rd. So many serviceable corner prospects too, and a handful of speedy LBs cropping up around 3rd and 4th round. Everything is lining up great. What’s the catch?

    How can Elway mess this one up? That, I think, will be hard to do.

    Big Love, and no doubt I will be in The Lounge at various points during the draft. Catch you all there

    The Big T

  • I’d like to push back a little on the value of late round picks this year. They seem more valuable than ever – each picks comes with the equivalent of a top 30 visit, private workout sessions, and the opportunity to do medicals on the player. Normally, you get this information for free – it comes from the draft process and only costs a top 30 visit. This year, you have to pay for it by drafting the player and getting them in the building. If other teams are scared of a player due to uncertainty, you can buy with these late round picks.

    The inverse is also true, more questions about prospects at all levels of the draft which disincentivizes consolidating picks and doubling or tripling down into even more uncertainty than usual.

    Think this makes sense?

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