Andre Simone, Justin Michael, Jake Schwanitz and Henry Chisholm break down the strengths and weaknesses of the 2021 draft class. Plus, a quick mock draft.


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  • Is this draft a film junkies dream because of the possibility that combine numbers won’t affect what is seen on film?

  • Draft day scenario #1….. trades included as no team doesn’t explore trade options.

    1. Jax – Trevor Lawrence – QB Clemson… There’s more chance that Darth Vader is on the good side of the force than any other option here.
    2. NYJ – As a Broncos fan, I would love a non-QB pick here, but my mind says, no freakin way. Wilson or Fields here. Just a question of which. Let’s say Fields this time.
    3. Miami – Going with the concept that they don’t get Watson, they trade down, to #7 with Detroit, who takes Mikah Parsons
    4. Atlanta – They really need CB, LB or Edge, nothing fits here. They call the Broncos, offer the #4 pick for #9, next year’s 1st and this years 3rd rounder. Do you accept the trade and if you do which QB do you take. Wilson or Lance? Or do you go another spot at #4?

    I love mocks with trades as we all know it’s not going just by draft order. Just is hard to know where they come. I’d think you would have a blast doing a pod where each of you were assigned to teams 1/5/9/13/17 and next to 2/6/10/14/18 and so on and you could offer trades to each other. Would make for a ripper of a mock draft.

  • Everyone was singing the praises of the 👩‍🍳 chefs for Snatching CEH at draft time – I would argue, however, that there are nearly 25 players taken in rd two of the 2020 Draft that would have served the “mustard and ketchup boys” better, both this season and for the future. Am I wrong?

    The Count

  • Hey guys!

    During the Brett Favre era in Green Bay, the Packers made a point to draft a QB every couple of years to develop as a potential hedge. A) is this a philosophy you guys buy into? B) can you see George Paton doing this? And C) would this be a year to draft a potential hedge rather than going for immediate starter?

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