Andre Simone, Henry Chisholm, Justin Michael and Jake Schwanitz break down the latest draft news before digging into the 2021 safety class.


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  • Asked this question to Zac, Mase and RK…. Would love to hear what you boys think…

    I see Atlanta (4) and Detroit (7) most likely to trade down, which would your choose to do? Pay more but make sure you get your guy by moving to 4 or sweat it out but save draft capital by only moving up to 7.

    To move to #4, probably costs #40 and maybe a day 3 pick
    To move to #7, probably costs a round 3 this year or a round 2 next year.

    What would you guys do?

    I’d go #4 to give the option of Fields/Lance as our day 2 and 3 picks are for depth not starters.

  • With weighted positional points (rds 1-5)

    Qb 100
    OT 80
    Edge 75
    DL 70
    RB 50
    Wr 60


    I’ve ranked the 2013 draft the worst of the last 10 years.

    That draft is a factory of sadness.

    What say you four?

    The Count

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