Henry Chisholm, Andre Simone, Justin Michael and Jake Schwanitz share their predictions for the national championship give, then do a mock draft.


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  • Hey Draft pod, how the hell is it going. We now enter my favorite period of DNVR Subscriptiondom where I get to ask you fine gentlemen question after question week after week and send mock draft after mock draft.

    I’ll keep this week’s relatively short. In mocks I’ve done where the Broncos don’t get surtain or Farley in the first there isn’t really a good option in the 2nd or 3rd. Is CB a must pick at number 9? It’s the position we need help at the most and theres a huge talent drop after those two dudes.

    Also when do you think Trey Sermon gets drafted, is our 3rd round pick a pipe dream for that?

    Annnnnd for Hank, how do you feel about Talanoa Hufanga (safety from USC) as a day 3 prospect. He doesn’t really have many plus physical traits but the guy is just a football player. Would love to see him here.

    So glad to be commenting back in the draft pod, I’ve missed you guys, much love!!

  • My draft strategies….

    A. Trade up for QB to 2 or 3 depending on who will trade down. Will cost 9, 40 and next year’s 1st and 2nd most likely. You chose this if you don’t believe in Lock.

    B. If you believe in Lock, you can stay put and get hopefully either Surtain or Farley. You will need to get a hedge QB in Free Agency.

    C. If you think Drew might be the guy, but want an out if he isn’t. Trade down from #9 to somewhere in the early 20’s and get back a 1st for next year so you can move up having 2 1st rounders next year. Try to get J.O.K.

    This is based on the assumption that Denver doesn’t trade for an experienced QB and let’s Bouye go, due to his big cap hit. There are other strategies and if you have one offer it, but which one of A, B and C, would you go with if you were GM.

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