Ryan Koenigsberg joins Henry Chisholm to talk through all things Mel Tucker.

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  • two names that could be interesting are Steve Sarkisian, and Ryan Walters a CU player that has been the Missouri DC for the last several years. IMO if they do not hire somebody for spring practice Chev will be the coach next year.

  • Hey, Henry. Long time, no hear from me. It’s been a really bad end to 2019 and beginning to 2020 for me in my life. I lost my mother to cancer early January after a tough 3 month battle. Then a couple of weeks later, we were all crushed by the news of the tragic demise of Kobe Bryant and those with him on that foggy Sunday morning. As a So Cal resident, it was like an emotional zombieland of about two weeks. Finally January ended and maybe I can see a begin on the road to some healing emotionally. Nope. Not so fast..

    This deal with Mel Tucker has me all kinds of twisted up. I’m pissed. I’m disappointed. But more than anything, I feel like a big ol Charms Blow Pop sucker. I can’t imagine what those who work around the program, (like yourself) must be feeling. And the players? The one’s who embraced the message, worked extra hard, played hard to show themselves to be worthy of approval. Just sad. We all bought in. We all believed that yes, “Why not us?” As for the search for a coach, I’m left feeling like there’s nothing out there for us to really be excited about. Hopefully, Rick George can pull off a bit of magic. Whatever he comes up with, please feel free to put a staggering buyout in the contract this time. Ugh..

    Oh. And Memo Pac 12 Commish, Larry Scott: Please resign. You’re killing us.

    Thanks, Henry.

  • Head Coach prospects:
    – Eric Bienemy
    – Darrin Chiaverini
    – Pasta Jay
    – Dan Hawkins (LOL)

    In all seriousness, yes I want a coach who is committed to CU. Yes, I would love a fellow Buff to lead the football team. Yes, I want the program to win 6+ games in 2020. BUT I do not want a repeat of the Embree hire, where the program had a mad urge to get back to the roots of tradition following the Hawkins-era. I think Rick George is realistically looking at someone who fires up the athletes, the staff, and will continue to transform CU football.

    My questions, which you touched on in the pod are about who stays on the staff. Who takes over D-Line? Hagan probably stays, but I doubt the OC/DC are kept on (Tucker may pick them up anyway). I am interested to see what type of playbook Chev brings in for the offense if he can run it his way. Nonetheless, I will head into the season this fall with skeptical optimism.
    Finally, I would be looking to see how many people Tucker tries to steal away from CU… And who he actually brings on run the offense/defense.

    Sko Buffs!
    Cole Cook

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