Henry Chisholm joins Zac Stevens and Andrew Mason to talk about what went down at Wednesday’s practice, as well as answering listener questions.


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Henry was born in Columbia Falls, Montana and graduated from Columbia Falls High School in 2015. He earned bachelor's degrees in journalism and economics from the University of Montana in 2019. Henry joined BSN Denver as a remote staff writer in 2017, providing support to BSN's Broncos beat reporters. He interned at BSN headquarters in the summer of 2018 and accepted a full-time position after graduating from UM.

  • My boys! Last season Pat shurmurs offense put up 21.3 points with A rookie QB in Jones constantly fumbling the ball, an injured Barkley, and Bennie Fowler Plus Cody Latimer getting starts at WR, We know how amazing those receivers are. AND THEY HAD A WORSE OLINE THEN US!!!! I feel with all the negative coming out of training camp lately we are starting to think worst case scenario with our offense. But I truly don’t know with the weapons we have, how are offense would be worse then Shurmurs giants offense last year? I mean seriously! Is that even possible? With the way that Denver offense has been in the last few seasons, I would be jumping off walls if we put up 22 points a game! What do you guys think? Thanks men!

  • Hey men,

    I wanna just give my 50 cents about the state of our country. I support the first amendment right to peaceably assemble. I condemn those using this moment to riot and loot.
    I am really not in favor of the kneeling for the anthem. I understand many people feel America is an oppressive country. But I feel there is a more effective way of causing change. I see the message of kneeling, I just feel personally it’s ineffective, and very divisive.
    Even though it has issues America is the greatest country to ever exist. I believe we together can make it even greater, and work to end racism in America. Thanks y’all

    Go America 🇺🇸

    • Hey ! This is a family so I speak to u as family ….. I have been protesting since before Tamir rice … Since I was a freshman in college and a man only 3 years older then me was killed at fruitvalle station His name was oscar grant I have ridden that train from that stop a ton when I visit my Berkeley friends …… Because of covid and my responsibilities I haven’t been on the frontline PROTESTING but my colleagues have and ,are doing. So ….. I promise you the individuals rioting and inciting looting are not Black people trying to be vocal that their lives matter !!! And people that say black lives matter just want their lives to matter they are not affiliated with an organization they just want their voice heard there’s entirely too much misinformation to dilute protest and fight to end Systematic racisim ……Sir you say you support the first amendment yet you are trying to dictate what is the best way to do so that makes you most comfortable …. America means different things to different people as I said yesterday you want to honor those who fought for that flag yet america won’t acknowledge those whose blood was shed for America to exist by force not voluntarily ….. If you want america to be the greatest country to ever exist it should embody all of the great things to ever happen in the history of civilization …. Free healthcare , best free education, no poverty, no starvation but starting with EQUALITY & EQUITY ! ……. So please don’t try to alter the people that are fighting to make America what you feel it already is for EVERYONE not just a select few….. When they want to hold it to that standard so that you can feel comfortable if you claim you respect the first amendment right ? ☮️🖤

  • Just spent 50 minutes talking with the guy who gave me the idea to become a journalist and go to journalism school, Andrew Mason. I can barely collect myself to make a coherent sentence… I cannot begin to state how great of a person Mase is and how much of a role model he is for me. Also, DNVR is such a fantastic community, head to toe and I feel so lucky to be a member. To anyone who isn’t subscribed: SUBSCRIBE!!!!

  • hey zac/mase/hank?

    something got me thinking- do you think klis forced the broncos’ hand yesterday? y’all have mentioned that the team doesnt want you to report on which players are running with which ‘teams’. mike asked fangio straight up about bassey running with the 1s, so vic had no choice but to comment on that publicly and given that every broncos beat reporter then relayed vic’s comments onto twitter, the chances of bassey clearing waivers decreased significantly.

    mase has mentioned that the team will intentionally hide players that they want to keep around and that was the impression i got when bassey was with the 3s for most of camp. i know yiadom wasn’t the perfect fit for this defense, but it sounded like he was performing well out there so the timing of the trade seems a little suspect!

    also on bassey. i know people are making the chj comp- which i don’t really see because chris had some crazy long arms which helped him in press. who i do see though? bryce callahan. funny how that worked out, huh?

  • Hi gents,

    I’m sure this will be touched upon during the newest pod, but the combination of Bassey running with the 1s and the trade of Yiadom, it sure seems like Vic is happy with his cornerback room right now. Let’s hope Bassey, Bausby, Harris and Dawson (if he makes the final roster) can step up like the coaching staff is clearly expecting.

    BB out

  • I believe the Derwin James injury is my karmic punishment for drafting the Chargers defense in fantasy football with the Broncos still on the board. I just try not to overload my team with Broncos because I usually want to as a fanatic. On that note, let me know what y’all think of my roster, bearing in mind this is a QB driven, ppr, SIXTEEN team league so depth is very difficult to come by.

    Team name: Bomb and Gouge
    QB: Lamar Jackson
    RB: Leveon Bell
    RB: Adrian Peterson
    WR: Deandre Hopkins
    WR: Breshad Perriman
    WR Michael Gallup
    TE: Noah Fant
    Flex: Jerry frickin Jeudy
    K: Matt Gay
    Def: Chargers

    Joe Burrow
    Giovani Bernard
    Matt Breida
    Cole Beasley
    Ian Thomas
    Bears D
    Albert Okwuegbunam (17th round pick…just in case)

  • What’s up Gents, let’s say the season doesn’t go as planned and Denver only wins 5-6 games (which they won’t) and Lock plays horrible,(which he won’t) with all the pieces the team has, are you willing to trade the next three first round picks or whatever it takes for Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields?

  • Henry, Big Hank, Double-Down Hanky –

    Two things – one, is that I think I just walked past Samouri Toure On the oval – I had to fight myself from
    asking him to run a deep crosser.

    Two. What’s the strangest story/interview you ever covered for the Kaimin?

    The Count

  • Top of the morning to you guys,
    This one might be a long one, but hear me out.
    For a few teams, this year is a possible tank for Trevor year, but my question is if there’s a year for any team to tank for Trevor wouldn’t this year be the year? Think about it, prior to training camp players had the option to opt out of the season while still basically putting their contract on hold. As an organization why wouldn’t you tell all your rising stars and key players “hey man take a redshirt year and we’ll get the band back together next year.” In doing so this gives you an opportunity to develop younger players and figure out the roster for the 2021 season. On top of that ticket sells will not factor in to the decision, so if you suck you don’t have to worry about ticket sells because there is not going to be a single ticket sold. Lastly, I know father time isn’t on the players side and which would be hard for them to take a “redshirt” year, but I just felt like if there is a year for a tank for someone anyone year, this was the year. Now, this is only a hypothetical and Drew is our guys, but man could you imagine that 2021 offense with Trevor as the QB and pretty much kinda sorta another year on players contracts. And this gives you one more year to figure out the offensive line. Thoughts?
    Thanks guys for doing an awesome job. Hope to see you boys Saturday for Game 2 at the DNVR bar.
    Just Ice Hold The Water

  • Hey Gentlemen,

    You have referred to Brett Rypien a couple of times as the “Drew Lock Whisperer.” I’m assuming that is a good thing, but can you elaborate a little bit on what you mean by that? Or give some examples of him being the “DL Whisperer?”

    Also, first Freshmen game tonight. Wish us luck on securing the first football “W” in school history.

    Thanks for everything you do. Stay happy and healthy!

  • Top of the morning gents. First and foremost welcome to the thunderdome hank!
    Secondly, enjoy your double down of pizza rk if your listening.
    And thirdly, with the trade of yiadom could we look at this as an addition by subtraction? On the surface trading a former 3rd round pick for a 7th is not a good trade but with all the positive talks about the CB room this training camp I really feel optimistic that it was a good thing. If these guys can play admirably this season than it’s a win win.
    Also, I’ve still been listening every day and want to say thank you for having open conversations on the pod regarding the many complex issues and opinions that help make up this country that we all live in. 2020 may be a dumpster fire but you guys help make the days go by a little bit better.
    Go nuggets #nuglife, avalanche, Broncos, iceman, and dnvr!

  • Hey guys thanks again for your input to what I shared yesterday …. I just thought to myself 🇺🇲 would be a utopia if we all identified with each other the way we do when we sing Al green Let’s stay Together lol…. I mean who doesn’t know that song word for word right ? …… But that is so much of your COVERAGE and input as we get closer to the season you’ve helped me out a ton !

    Offense is a work in process …. It’s going to require patience and leaning on the run game ……… Chubb missing practices is an issue he was supposed.to be full go by training.camp ….we do have to temper expectations with kj and also understand with fast lol guys like him hamstring will be an issue I just think as a fan u always will see your team in absolute.extremes and it’s nice to have DNVR family to keep you focused I appreciate it !

  • Before I get into my question…if the dnvr fam hasn’t tried stravacraft wellness? You’re missing out on a great product.

    Onto my question… Since Hank did a good on the beginning but lost the accent on the back end I had to bring it back today.

    Who would win in a matchup of the two greatest Broncos teams that never got a chance to win the super bowl that was theirs for the taking?

    1996 Broncos vs 2012 Broncos

  • Boys! Just read an awesome bleacher report article (for once) by Kalyn Kahler titled “is drew lock ready to answer John Elway’s QB question?” In it she pounds home the the love Von has for our Q. From the article: “When I was around Post [Malone], he was so humble, he was so cool,” Miller says. “We were sitting backstage, and he had a [Leighton] Vander Esch jersey on, and he was barefoot, drinking beer. And I was like, ‘Bro, this is Post Malone, and he was just chilling with us being humble.’ And when I met Drew Lock, I was like, ‘Bro, he has the same vibe.'”

    Also a fun little story I knew nothing about: After Lock won his first start last season against the Chargers in Week 13, Miller signed and dated a fresh $100 bill and scrawled “Big Money Lock” on the right side, just over the U.S. Department of the Treasury seal. Lock slid the bill into the nameplate at his locker. It’s still there.

    Can’t put into words how much I love this, I was already 100% sold but seeing stuff like this just makes me giddy. Sorry for the long one fam.

  • Hey DNVR Family,
    I just wanted to voice a perspective on a narrative going on around athletes using their voices for change. I see a lot on social media, people saying athletes are over paid and should just play sports and not talk about issues. For those with that mindset, please consider the following:
    1. Those with the largest reach in communities are the well known people. Well known people in this country tend to get paid more in their respective fields of entertainment, such as sports, music, and film and television. No one listens to the common man when they speak up. They get shut down as just a nobody. So who do these people want to use their voices? No one? That is the problem at hand.
    2. The notion of anyone being overpaid is absurd! When it comes to actors, musicians, athletes or whatever it may be. The money exists. It’s out there. Why should the no talent, rich, owners/producers/record labels, get all the money when the athletes/actors/musicians are the ones doing all the work? They already make more money so why are they upset that the talent is getting paid? It’s just sad people who have no voice, no money, and no morals or ethics.
    Keep up the great work. My question is this:
    With all the injuries and experiences from training camp – has your opinions of the Broncos win/loss total changed?

  • Isaac Yaidom traded?! Emergency pod?!

    To add to the social justice conversation: were I an NFL player I would kneel in acknowledgment of my white privilege, in support of the fight for social justice and law enforcement reform, AND ALSO in respect for our military. Let us not forget that the kneel was an evolution from the sit, which came to be after a consultation with an informed veteran as a means to appreciate our heroes in arms. Black and white people have different histories with our beloved country; black people confront challenges today that white people simply don’t. Let us empathize with that fact. When you have a platform like an athlete does, you’re able to give a voice to the voiceless.

    Peace, love, and a Mile High Salute,

    Onion BOOTY!

  • Hank
    They do grow cantaloupe in Montana and they are pretty good. Not as good as Rocky Ford but close.
    With the Broncos trading Yiadom, do you think they might bring in Amukamara?
    Go Avs
    Go Nuggets
    Go Rockies

  • Obviously DNVR is my go-to for good reads, but check out today’s Bleacher Report article about Lock. Some good stuff – especially about him being able to relate to teammates from all walks of life. This kid has skills and this kid has “IT”! I have been hopeful before but this is definitely different. I already know how this story is going to end. #3 will be our QB for the next dozen years – and in that time we will hoist the Lombardi again. Take it to the bank.

  • After accumulating a 2021 seventh round pick in exchange for Yiadom, I’m curious, do you think seventh rounders are more or less important than normal?

    Here’s my thinking: given the compromised college football season, there will be less tape on players to evaluate. That will make the draft even more of a wildcard than usual. So are seventh rounders just extra arrows in the quiver we can use to try to snag quality players that dropped because they may have missed the college football season?

  • >