Anton Blidh – C

Tried to start some things with some feistiness in this second period, but nothing much came from it. Only time I really noticed him was a 3 on 2 in the second where he had a chance to hit the late guy but threw a soft pass to the middle for the guy pushing the net and it missed everyone for an easy breakout for the Flyers.

Andrew Cogliano – C

Avs are really squeezing everything they can out of him. At the start of the year, we thought maybe he’d get nights off to prepare for the playoffs. Now, he’s starting games with Nathan MacKinnon.

J.T. Compher – C-

He got his chances on the power play, with a few good looks in the slot that he couldn’t get to go, but at even strength, there’s nothing, with no shot attempts at 5 on 5. Great pass on the second Newhook goal, though.

Andreas Englund – C

Provided what he had to provide. The goal he was out there for he played pretty well, giving up a pretty low-quality shot on the rush.

Alex Galchenyuk – F

Zero shot attempts, Avs got crushed with him on the ice, and he took two penalties of his own, one of which the Flyers scored on. So far, it hasn’t worked out, and I’m not sure it will given he’s not even on a scoring line with these injuries.

Alexandar Georgiev – D

His rebound control has been an issue of late but was really noticeable tonight. Flyers were shooting for rebounds a lot, and it paid off on their second goal, as he kicked that thing right into the slot. Did not like the third goal as that was really not a strong shot.

Sam Girard – D

He started the game paired with Makar and played most of the night with him, but as a pair, they were kind of a mess together, as the Flyers dominated the shots with those two together. It was only when he got back with EJ that he stabilized a bit, but I am still just waiting for the Girard from a few years ago to get back.

Charles Hudon – A

Well, he certainly tried his best to get on the scoresheet, but was unable to do so. A team-leading seven even strength shots, and eight attempts, and had one shift in the first period where he had numerous good looks, including a mini breakaway. For a call-up, that was a very good first game.

Dryden Hunt – D

His offensive instincts just are not there. He had a guy open in the slot at one point along the wall, but he just ate it instead of making the pass. Had good shot share numbers, but had zero attempts himself, so he’s not driving anything.

Erik Johnson – B

You really aren’t going to get an easier assist than his one on Rantanen’s goal. Give it to him and let him do the rest. No complaints with his game, and Avs did quite well with him out there.

Martin Kaut – C

The shot from the point either has to get through or you have to dump it down low. It ended up leading to the goal at the other end. He’s getting looks and having a hard time getting them on net. Couldn’t finish his breakaway, but his best play of the night was the little one-touch give back to Hudon to set him up for his breakaway.

Jacob MacDonald – D

He is getting burned a bit more defensively. Got beat for a mini breakaway by Tippett in the second, and his risky pinches aren’t really turning out the way you want them to. Had a good look in the first period but it either got blocked or Hart made a great save.

Nathan MacKinnon – INC

“Hello darkness, my old friend.” Just have to hope for the best. It’s comical at this point how these injuries are happening.

Cale Makar – D

Got sprung for a mini break that Hart was able to glove down, and did pick up the assist on Newhook’s first goal on the deflection. Defensively, he’s spending a lot more time in his own end than you probably want, and the Girard fit did not work.

Jayson Megna – D

Did well to even get back on the Flyers second goal, but he kind of ended up backward. Somehow finished fifth on the forward group in even strength TOI. Yikes.

Alex Newhook – B

I am still annoyed that he’s not shooting more at even strength, but hard to argue with two goals. The puck to the face in the third was scary. Had some chemistry with Mikko, including a behind-the-back pass to him in the slot in the first. They’re running out of guys here, so he’s got to keep getting looks.

Logan O’Connor – C

A game like this you start to see signs of how he might be playing a bit too high in the lineup, and that’s not his fault. Ideally, you want him maybe around 11-13 minutes so he can keep his energy level high. When he’s pushing 17, you see a drop off.

Mikko Rantanen – B

Passed up some looks in the second period to make the extra pass, which you probably don’t want to see with no MacKinnon. He’s got to be the guy now. Beautiful end to end goal, and had great looks to MacDonald and Hudon early in the game.

Devon Toews – C-

Took 11 shot attempts, but only about 1/3 of them got through to the net. Got moved up to the top power play unit when MacKinnon got hurt, and it did not function nearly the same.