The Colorado Rockies have once again come out of gate strong. For the third year in a row, April looks like it is going to be a great month for the club.

Through nine games, the Rockies are 7-2. That record alone is impressive, but consider the fact that the club is 6-0 on the road, including a sweep of the defending World Series champion San Francisco Giants, makes this start difficult to ignore. Could this be the year for the Rockies? Could this be the year that the club doesn’t fall back to reality in May and June?

Forgive the skepticism from Rockies fans who are holding back their excitement.

This Rockies fan base has been burned too much over the past seasons for the entire fan base to jump back on the bandwagon. There are fans who are always willing to make that jump, but others aren’t ready to throw their hearts back in without some hesitation. Nine games just isn’t a big enough sample size for the skeptics to be back on board.

Both fans have a right to their feelings. Just because a fan is willing to jump in head first doesn’t make him or her a better fan than the skeptic.

At some point, however, even the skeptical fan has to decide to give in. The way the Rockies have been playing, that time is quickly approaching.

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