DENVER – They say that in order to understand where you are going, you must understand where you have been.

While plenty of important things have changed since the last time the Colorado Rockies were seen to be inside of a window of contention, it may be helpful to fill in some blanks if we look back on that time to see what the club did to try to keep themselves relevant the last time around.

After streaking their way into the World Series in 2007, the Rockies experienced a setback in 2008 thanks to numerous injuries, some player departures, and a bit of bad luck. But they rebounded after a blockbuster trade sent Matt Holliday out and brought Carlos Gonzalez and Houston Street in, setting the still-standing franchise mark with a 92-win season in 2009.

The end of that season is the closest parable we have to where the team stands now after a 91-win season, losing once again in the NLDS.

So, what did they do with the roster back then and what does it tell us about what they might do this offseason?

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Drew E. Creasman was born in Grand Junction, Colorado and currently resides in Boulder, CO. He is a full time Rockies beat writer managing editor of BSN Rockies and a member of the Baseball Writer's Association of America. Follow Drew on Twitter - @DrewCreasman