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'The Walking Dead' invades Mile High, infects Peyton Manning and Denver Broncos

Ian St. Clair Avatar
November 16, 2015


Broncos Country didn’t have to watch AMC to see “The Walking Dead.” All who tuned into CBS on Sunday afternoon caught the most recent episode.

Spoiler alert: It was terrible. No plot. No character development. It just seemed no one cared about this episode, this time a 29-13 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs (a game not as close as the score would indicate).

Though, Rick Grimes (the lead character in the series) could probably play quarterback better than Peyton Manning or Brock Osweiler.

Ever since the Green Bay Packers game, the Denver Broncos have looked and played like zombies. They’ve shown no life, no mental power and have just wandered around aimlessly. Isn’t it ironic the same thing has happened to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers? What the heck happened in that game?

Manning has looked like he was bit by Kyle Orton, though that’s probably an insult to Orton. He doesn’t read coverage and doesn’t see defenders. Is that the product of age, not trusting his offensive line, playing injured or getting bit by a zombie? Perhaps all of them.

But it’s not just Manning. The whole team has been this way the last two weeks, from the coaches all the way down. That doesn’t excuse Manning and his play, it’s just the truth. Last I checked, it is a team game.

Something infected the Broncos two weeks ago and they haven’t been the same since. Whatever it is, someone needs to step up and find the cure.

Is there a cure for a zombie infestation?

Time will tell, but the good news is there are still seven games to find out. And it starts next Sunday against old friends John Fox, Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears.

It’s not time to panic yet. As is the case with a zombie bite, you can sometimes amputate what was infected and still survive. A lot of people will say that is Manning. Sorry, but what you want to happen will not. Unless he’s injured, Gary Kubiak and the Broncos will go back to Manning.

Find something else to whine about and save your energy.

There are still seven games left in the regular season. And don’t throw out, “Denver can’t win a Super Bowl playing like this.” Good thing the Super Bowl isn’t played in November then, right?

Two years ago, everyone in the NFL and Broncos Country was set to crown Manning and the Broncos Super Bowl champions. “They’re unbeatable.” “No one can stop this offense.” How did that turn out?

Denver has lost two games in a row and all of Broncos Country is in full fledged panic mode. It’s as if they been bit and think they will turn into zombies too. The season is lost. There’s no hope. Just cancel the rest of the season now. Heck, some are already saying Kubiak should be fired.

No, seriously. We went there. Rooting and celebrating the failures of a quarterback aren’t enough.

I know Broncos fans aren’t big on history given that most don’t remember three or even two seasons ago, but let’s take a trip back to Kansas City last season. A certain team and quarterback played almost the exact same way. They mimicked “The Walking Dead” to a tee. The quarterback even got benched and the talk was “he’s finished.” No need to delay the inevitable, just take him behind the shed.

That team moved onto Cincinnati and eventually the Super Bowl.

The point is to not overreact. It’s not even Monday yet and there are still seven games left in the season. Anything can happen, and it usually does; especially the weird world that is the NFL.

Is there a cure for a zombie infestation?

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots proved there is last season.

You just have to put the embarrassing loss to the Chiefs behind you and move on.

For the Broncos, that’s Chicago.

If they don’t, at least then we don’t have to watch “The Walking Dead” on AMC.


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