In this episode, Adam Mares, Harrison Wind, and Brendan Vogt discuss the timeline of events that led to the player’s strike against the NBA and the NBA postponing playoff games. We then try to look at what this means for the NBA, for sports, and for the intersection of professional sports and society. Does the strike change the balance of power between players and owners in the NBA? What can be accomplished from the strike?

Adam Mares

Denver native, lifelong Denver sports fan, credentialed Nuggets reporter, below average bio writer, above average post passer.

  • Thanks guys. I think it’s right to address these issues. That’s what’s in the minds of the players and coaches in the sports you cover. The players’ goal is to bring attention to these issues rather than being an escape from all of those problems. And you can’t cover their protests, boycotts, strikes, etc without addressing the underlying issues motivating their actions. So well done and please keep following your instincts, thanks again.

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