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The List: Bol Bol is overflowing with talent

Adam Avatar
July 23, 2020

1. In this clip, Troy Daniels does a really nice job of demonstrating how to pull the on ball defender (and help defender) by reacting to the angle the defender tries to take around a screen. It’s subtle, but if you look closely you’ll notice Troy Daniels begin to curl around the screen towards the ball for a handoff before he sees his defender attempt to shoot the gap. Daniels then flares out to the wing, forcing his defender to get held up on the screen, punishing him for taking the short cut around the screen.

That flare forces the switch, and now Daniels can proceed to the handoff, this time with a worse defender.

2. Jokic’s no-look passes are what make the highlights but it’s passes like this one that make him such a special player. It’s just a dropoff but it is the speed of the dropoff that makes this play result in a dunk.

3. Remember how hyped everyone got for that Plumlee – Jokic PnR last season? Well, the Bol Bol – Jokic PnR might actually be a repeatable action. Look how smoothly the two execute this beautiful 5-5 trail screen.

4. Here is a slowed down video of Bol’s catch and shoot balance which is surprisingly great for a player with his tall, thin frame.

5. Bol Bol’s 9’8″ standing reach ranks 2nd all-time at the NBA combine. So even though he is “only” 7’2″ he actually has the vertical shot blocking range unlike anyone else in the NBA.

6. And when you have that reach and block 6 shots in your debut, that means players start to get worried every time you are within 10 feet of them.


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