Allie Monroy is joined by a new All-Star panel of DNVR reporters to discuss the start of the NFL season and the big Nebraska game coming up at Folsom Field.

With Ryan Koenigsberg, Henry Chisholm, Andrew Mason and Matt McChesney, the crew dives deep into the hottest topics in the world of football.

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Andre Simone

Andre Simone was born in Boulder, Colorado raised in Milan, Italy and is the NFL draft and film analyst for Andre has charted every play of the Denver Broncos for the past several years and writes game grades after every Orange & Blue contest. Obsessed with the draft in all sports, he also developed stats for all four major sports and is the host of the Broncos draft podcast.

  • Woooah slow your roll Mcchesney! I’m a UCF fan out here and gotta step up to the plate for my team. UCF was really only colateral in your argument against Nebraska, but it’s laughable that you’d mock what worked for Frost at UCF, like UCF and the American conference are puny. The power conference label only means something if you can win meaningful games. UCF and Memphis would both steamroll right through CU at Fulsom field. So I get your point, you’re hating on your rival, Scott Frost. But keep to your cute rivalry of mediocrity between CU ad Nebraska and leave your insults of UCF out of it. (Also, Mase probably cringed when you called Memphis our rival. His Bulls are our true rival, but I guess when you don’t win any games, the rivalry loses its luster 😂)
    On the same topic, I thought what Mase said was enlightening. He said UCF had more talent when Frost arrived (and still does) than Nebraska does now. I don’t necessarily think he’s wrong, but that’s CRAZY because Frost inherited an 0-12 program at UCF. So Frost’s first year at UCF consisted of washed up vets and the freshmen class that he brought with him. That speaks volumes about where Nebraska is right now. Not sure exactly how Frost didn’t realize it would be easier to convince 17 year olds to play football 30 minutes away from Disney world and 40 minutes away from the beach rather than in the middle of a cornfield.

    This had almost nothing to do with the pod as a whole… but had to speak up! Love tDSP!

    • Alright, I insulted the rivalry, but it gave us CFB fans a good game two years in a row… I won’t hate anymore. And Congrats to CU!

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