Allie Monroy is joined by a new All-Star panel of DNVR beat reporters to discuss a variety of sports topics in the Mile High City.

With Ryan Koenigsberg, Drew Creasman, Henry Chisholm and Justin Michael, the crew goes over the latest Rockies callups and the Broncos upcoming preseason game. The rest of the pod is dedicated to the Rocky Mountain Showdown and the return of college football.

Join in on the conversation in the comment section below and let us know who YOU think won the week.


Andre Simone

Andre Simone was born in Boulder, Colorado raised in Milan, Italy and is the NFL draft and film analyst for Andre has charted every play of the Denver Broncos for the past several years and writes game grades after every Orange & Blue contest. Obsessed with the draft in all sports, he also developed stats for all four major sports and is the host of the Broncos draft podcast.

  • Hey Allie, good to hear you and Ryan and Hank and Andre on this and the Broncos podcasts tonight. Miss Zac and I am happy to hear he will be on the Bronco’s post game podcast. Great to hear his girlfriend’s Mom is progressing after her major surgery! In the office pool, give me yes for her being Zac’s mother-in-law. My pick for winning the week is the Colorado Rockies. Rocky Mountain Showdown, please, THE University of the great state of Colorado. GO BRONCOS

  • Did Justin say his high school colors were green and gold? Did he happen to go to Bear Creek? If so, shout out to the Lakewood crew!

  • I have mixed feelings on the CU helmet debate. I like that they have the options for the silver, white, and black helmets, but can they PLEASE get some different logos for those helmets? The non-metallic “gold” on the Ralphie logo for those helmets does not look great. The parts of the logo that are not black should be clear to show the color of the helmet. That would be much cleaner. Or at least change the gold to a metallic color. The glossy but not metallic look just looks off.

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