Despite a cavalcade of incredibly entertaining postseason games, it has been a brutal and disastrous finish to the season for Major League Baseball in 2019. Scandals litter the headlines, calling into question some of the fundamental integrity of the game during a time when people across the globe are otherwise celebrating the World Series, the showcase of the very…

America’s pastime, like the country herself, has always been a beacon for what we can be when we embrace change. It is built into the very fabric of our Constitution so that it can be amended to reflect change. Some of our first collective words were a promise to forever strive to be more perfect. One of the greatest embodiments of this idea came from the game of baseball on the first day Jackie Robinson stepped onto a Major League diamond on April 15, 1947. That moment resonated throughout the baseball world while also possessing far-reaching consequences across the country and globe. Similarly and much later, Curt Flood ushered in a new era in a battle that eventually begat…

On this episode of the BSN Rockies Podcast, there is no beating around the bush. Drew Creasman dives deep into a terrible night for Andy Fletcher and the MLB umpiring crew in the first game between the Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Dodgers. Which call hurt the most? Did it really cost the Rockies the game? And are we actually...

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