Tony Gwynn


According to Connor Joe, “Tony Gwynn is San Diego.” For fans of the Colorado Rockies cult hero, the SoCal city and CoJo are starting to become rather synonymous, too. Joe’s rise to prominence happened quickly in 2021 with the Coors Field faithful immediately connecting with a bright smile and courageous story. The magic was present even before smacking his first…

Friend of the podcast Noah Yingling stops by to give us an update on the lockout before selecting the best two outfield free agents that are actually in Colorado’s price range. Plus, we get silly with a fantasy draft of ballplayers who don’t really look like athletes. (There are several Hall of Famers, too.) “6 realistic free agent outfield options for the Colorado Rockies” by Noah Yingling “Kansas City Royals should retire at least one number for Bret Saberhagen” by Noah Yingling DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE POD! iTunes link — Stitcher Link — Pocket Casts Link — Spotify Link

The list of players to have hit .400 is short and illustrious. Wee Willie Keeler. Ty Cobb. Rogers Hornsby. Fourteen Hall of Famers, all of whom managed to bat .312 or above in their career, including Cobb’s career .366 batting average, decorate the list of the most elite hitters to play the game of baseball. The most recent and memorable is Boston Red Sox legend Ted Williams. Williams went 6-for-8 during a doubleheader to bat .406 on the final day of the 1941 season. (Going into the game, he was at .39955 and, according to the rules, the number would have rounded up to .400, but that wasn’t the Splendid Splinter’s style.) Since then, there have been many suitors, but…

Tony Gwynn’s death sheds a light on tobacco use in baseball. On Tuesday the baseball world was jolted with the news. Tony Gwynn, one of the best hitter’s in the history of the game, had died. A few years back it was announced that Gwynn was battling throat cancer. The cause? Years and years of chewing tobacco. For the past...

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