Wind and Clark recap an eventful Sunday practice and look ahead to the Denver Nuggets’ matchup Monday against the Portland Trail Blazers. Jusuf Nurkic returns to Pepsi Center for the first time since last season’s trade but some of the excitement over that rivalry seems to have faded. Will Nuggets coach Michael Malone make significant changes to his lineup and rotation? What’s Denver’s team morale like during the Nuggets’ biggest rut of the season? That and more in the Monday edition of the BSN Nuggets Podcast.


5:00 – Weekly reset

6:00 – Nurkic’s return to Denver and “rivalry” with Portland

9:00 – Denver’s rival going forward

12:30 – Major changes to the rotation? Not so fast

16:00 – The Nuggets aren’t panicking

18:00 – Malone won’t call as many plays

21:00 – Malone is making it a point to stay positive (practice audio)

25:30 – Malone speaking with players 1-on-1

26:30 – What changes (if any) will be made to the starting lineup/rotation?

29:30 – How many days of service does Torrey Craig have left?

32:00 – Could Plumlee/Jokic make a return?

Harrison Wind and Christian Clark recap the Denver Nuggets’ two wins from this weekend and attempt to put their defensive uptick in perspective. How much of Denver’s success on that end of the floor has to do with their opponent just missing open shots and how much of it is actually the Nuggets’ defense? Was Nikola Jokic’s performance against Jusuf Nurkic and Portland just another good game or a significant step in his career? Will Emmanuel Mudiay return to Denver’s rotation on Tuesday when he’s expected to be in the lineup versus Utah? Will Nuggets coach Michael Malone stick with a shorter rotation? That and more on the Monday edition of the BSN Nuggets Podcast.

What Jusuf Nurkic's leg injury means for Portland's and more importantly the Denver Nuggets playoff hopes.

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