Pioneer League


It may have taken 628 days, but professional baseball is back along the Front Range. Following a year in which fans were not allowed in ballparks around the country and minor league players were forced to work from home, baseball is beginning to normalize with the return of the Rocky Mountain Vibes in Colorado Springs. The Vibes welcomed the Grand…...

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Professional baseball in Colorado is going to look a little bit different in 2021. On Monday, Major League Baseball made the first of several big announcements on the reshaping of the minor leagues. While many expected disappointing news that the Pioneer League – home to the Rocky Mountain Vibes and Grand Junction Rockies – would no longer be associated with affiliated baseball, it came as somewhat surprising that the comprising eight clubs would stick around as a Partner League to MLB. As one of four such independent leagues that will collaborate with MLB, initial funding for operating expenses and installation of scouting technology in stadiums for the Pioneer League will help these western-based teams stay afloat as they transition from…

With billions of dollars in revenue lost by Major League Baseball and a collective bargaining agreement set to expire following 2021, sweeping changes throughout the sport loom large over the next 12 months. Somewhat coincidentally and entirely unfortunate, MLB is preparing to make grand changes to the landscape of Minor League Baseball, taking over the operation of the minors in an effort to reduce costs, increase revenues and improve the quality of life for prospects. The biggest element of this transformation is the impending plan to reduce 160 teams across MiLB to just 120 through the removal of short-season leagues. Such a decision not only allows a later date for the MLB Draft, but also creates competition between cities and…