Perfect Game


Dani Wexelman of MLB Network Radio and Perfect Game dives deep into how colleges across the country are helping to fill a void left by the disappearance of 43 teams across the Minor Leagues. Will the draft ever take place in Omaha during the College World Series? And what has she learned about the Rockies’ top pick Gabriel Hughes? Plus,…

“Imperfect people can have perfect moments.” ~ Brandy Halladay  It may not have been to the level of the eight-part series “The Last Dance” on Michael Jordan’s career and the 1998 Chicago Bulls, but ESPN’s “Imperfect: The Roy Halladay Story” was something for baseball fans, albeit a bleak depiction of the superb starting pitcher. The E:60 series’ one-hour documentary spent a majority of time focusing on Halladay’s struggles during retirement and unfortunate death than on his playing career and life as a father, husband and family member. Posthumously-elected by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America to the Baseball Hall of Fame following a plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico, much has already been revealed about the events in 2017…

The Colorado Rockies lost the series finale to the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday night 4-1. Matt Cain pitched a beautiful game, keeping Rockies hitters off balance all night long. Troy Tulowitzki was the only Rockie hitter who was able to solve Cain. He launched a solo home run deep to left center field through the fog of the bay.While...

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