Colton starts off the show with “The Breakdown” presented by O’Neills by talking about the Denver Nuggets participating in an American Raptors’ rugby practice, he recaps Aspen Ruggerfest, talks about a few Raptors training with USA Rugby, and finishes with All of the Rugby You Can Watch this weekend presented by Wintergreen (0:00-10:34). After “The Breakdown”, Colton chats with American…

Austin Rivers will never forget his first playoff game. He was 22-years-old, in his third NBA season, and coming off the bench for a veteran Clippers team with championship aspirations led by Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. The third-seeded Clippers drew the Spurs in the first round in the 2015 postseason. Rivers drew a future Hall-of-Famer as his defensive assignment.…...

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