Colton starts off the show with “The Breakdown” presented by O’Neills by talking about the Denver Nuggets participating in an American Raptors’ rugby practice, he recaps Aspen Ruggerfest, talks about a few Raptors training with USA Rugby, and finishes with All of the Rugby You Can Watch this weekend presented by Wintergreen (0:00-10:34). After “The Breakdown”, Colton chats with American Raptor Haaken Friend about his football career, the hardest part about rugby, and how rugby is like baseball. (10:35-33:46). After the interview with Haaken, Colton asks Denver Nuggets center DeAndre Jordan about his first rugby practice (33:47-35:50) After both of these interviews presented by GuardLab, Colton talks about the tallest rugby union players of all time in the Stat of…

Austin Rivers will never forget his first playoff game. He was 22-years-old, in his third NBA season, and coming off the bench for a veteran Clippers team with championship aspirations led by Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. The third-seeded Clippers drew the Spurs in the first round in the 2015 postseason. Rivers drew a future Hall-of-Famer as his defensive assignment....

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