NFL Playoffs


The 6-5 Denver Broncos are tied for the final Wild Card spot in the AFC playoff picture with the 6-5 Indianapolis Colts and the 6-5 Houston Texans.

With six games left in the season, what needs to happen for Sean Payton and Russell Wilson to make the final push for the playoffs?

The first step is beating the Texans in Houston on Sunday.

Will the Broncos win?

The Denver Broncos and Sean Payton are tied with the Philadelphia Eagles as the hottest team in the NFL right now as both teams have won five-straight games.

Although the Broncos are currently tied with the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans for the final playoff spot in the AFC, and do not hold the tiebreaker, are they one of the best teams in the AFC?

The Denver Broncos’ regular season kicks off in just over a week against the Las Vegas Raiders. Will Sean Payton and Russell Wilson get off to a hot start together and beat Josh Jacobs and Josh McDaniels? Will Denver’s six-game losing streak to the Raiders end in Week 1? Will the Broncos be able to knock off the Kansas City Chiefs and end their 16-game losing streaking?

If so, do the Broncos have a shot at winning the AFC West? Are the playoffs a realistic goal for Denver this year, especially after Sean Payton said he would be “pissed off” if the team doesn’t make the playoffs?

Who will finish second and third in the AFC West? Will the Broncos top the Los Angeles Chargers in the division?

The guys discuss Dan Quinn's qualifications to be Denver's next head coach, break down if he is a favorite to get the job, talk about if there's a chance Jim Harbaugh jumps back into the Broncos' head coach search, give their NFL playoffs picks for the weekend, answer listener questions and much more.

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