MLB Lockout


Major League Baseball made it official on Friday: the first week of Spring Training games through March 4 have been canceled. “We regret that, without a collective bargaining agreement in place, we must postpone the start of Spring Training until no earlier than March 5,” MLB state through a press release. “All 30 Clubs are unified in their strong desire…...

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Noah Yingling from RoxPile and Call To The Pen shares his thoughts on which infielders deserve acknowledgement in a Colorado Rockies Hall of Fame. Todd Helton, Troy Tulowitzki and Vinny Castilla seem like obvious guarantees, but who else would join them? MLB and the Players’ Association met on Thursday. Nothing was worked out, but some promising developments transpired. And the…

Noah Yingling from RoxPile joins the show to discuss the rumors of Kris Bryant heading to the Colorado Rockies, Trevor Story to the Seattle Mariners and figure out what’s happening with between the MLB and MLBPA. Will they settled the CBA in time for Opening Day? “Examining the fit between the Colorado Rockies and Michael Conforto” by Noah Yingling DON’T…