Luka Doncic


Brendan and Harrison preview the Nuggets/Clippers matchup on Wednesday and discuss how many minutes Nikola Jokic, Michael Porter Jr. and Jamal Murray will play in Denver’s seventh seeding game. Also, will Michael Malone play the Jerami Grant card or hold off until the playoffs, and who’s the guys’ Seeding Round MVP and All-Seeding team? DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE! iTunes link | Stitcher…

It’s Casual Friday on the DNVR Nuggets Podcast and the guys bring on a bunch of guests to play ‘Would you rather.’ Would you rather watch only the first 46 minutes of every basketball game or the last two? Would your rather build your team around Luka Doncic or Zion Williamson? Don’t worry. There are plenty of non-NBA ‘Would you…

DALLAS — Nikola Jokic spent the weekend rubbing shoulders with basketball’s biggest stars. As the Nuggets first All-Star selection since Carmelo Anthony eight years ago, Jokic ran pick and rolls with Russell Westbrook, joked around with Steph Curry and soaked up wisdom from Dirk Nowitzki. Jokic was teammates with three former MVPs in Charlotte, an experience any hooper would be…...

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Emmanuel Mudiay was a consensus top-10 pick when the Nuggets selected him seventh overall in 2015. His rare combination of size and power for a 19-year-old vaulted him up team’s big boards as he settled in as the unanimous top point guard in the draft. Mudiay had skeptics, but he was a wanted commodity on draft night. Current ESPN draft analyst…...

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Wind and Clark are joined by BSN Analytics guru Andre Simone to discuss the draft. The guys go over prospects that have worked out for the Nuggets and if any of them could be a fit in the first round, then look at the top of the draft and debate Ayton vs. Jackson and discuss if the Nuggets could jump into the top-4 if Luka Doncic starts to fall. Then, Wind, Clark and Simone list some prospects projected to go towards the end of the first round and into the second round that they’re high on.

Wind and Clark preview Monday’s pre-draft workout at Pepsi Center and walk through what happens from a players’ perspective.


0:00 – Rockets/Warriors talk

6:30 – Behind-the-scenes of a pre-draft workout

10:00 – Daniel Amigo

13:00 – William McDowell-White

16:30 – Reid Travis

19:30 – Cody Martin

23:30 – Isaiah Reese, Admiral Schofield, Ky Bowman

28:00 – Doncic chatter

Wind and Clark recap the NBA Draft Lottery, discuss what the Nuggets may do at 14th overall, if that pick is a candidate to be traded and do an initial mock draft for picks 1-14.


1:30 – The ridiculousness of the lottery

6:30 – Could the 14th pick be in play?

9:00 – The Faried factor

18:00 – Targets at 14th overall

31:00 – Instant reaction lottery mock draft

Wind and Clark discuss what would happen if the Nuggets got the No. 1 pick in the draft or vault into the top-3. Who would Denver select and how would the Nuggets’ outlook change with another blue-chip prospect added to the pipeline? Also, why there are there fewer busts among European prospects than there were in the mid-2000’s.


2:00 – The biggest “what if” in Denver sports

4:00 – Nuggets would be next

7:00 – What does the Nuggets’ big board look like?

9:00 – Doncic’s scouting report

12:00 – Doncic’s best skills

18:00 – Where’s Doncic’s best landing spot?

23:00 – Why are there less Euro busts than there were in the 2000’s?

27:00 – Doncic’s body of work compared to other Euro blue-chippers

36:00 – What if Denver lands in the top-3 but Doncic is gone?

42:00 – What would the Nuggets do at 14?

Jamal Murray will likely represent the Nuggets at the 2018 NBA Draft Lottery May 15 in Chicago, a league source told BSN Denver. Travel arrangements will be finalized in the coming days but current plans do call for Murray to be at the podium when the Nuggets learn their lottery fate in two weeks....

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