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It’s the final games of the 2022 Fall Classic between the Philadelphia Phillies and Houston Astros. Suzie returns from her World Series trip to Philly with plenty of stories as well as a a conversation with Katie Woo of The Athletic about all things Nolan Arenado. Then, Herb Lawrence of CHGO White Sox tells us all about the team’s new…

It’s that time of the year again. Nolan Arenado is back in Denver for a three-game set with his St. Louis Cardinals. Katie Woo of The Athletic joins us to discuss how the former Rockies’ third baseman has been fitting in and making an impact with some of the younger players in the clubhouse. She also gives us the update on the Cards’ seven-game winning streak. Who’s been the MVP on the team this year? How pleased is St. Louis with their trade deadline acquisitions? And were they actually close on acquiring Juan Soto? Inside Matt Carpenter’s emotional return to St. Louis: ‘It’ll always be home’ by Katie Woo DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE POD! iTunes link — Stitcher…