Denver White Elephants


Joelle Milholm has done some impressive research on the history of baseball in the state of Colorado. She joins the podcast to discuss a myriad of topics: Hall of Famer Bud Fowler, Denver White Elephants, The Denver Post Tournament, Colorado Silver Bullets, the Sugar Beet League and Rockies’ minority owner Linda Alvarado. “The Denver Post Tournament’s trailblazing integration” by Joelle…

Babe Ruth, Satchel Paige and new Hall of Famer Bud Fowler all had a hand in providing the state of Colorado with a rich baseball history. The man who literally wrote the book on it, “Baseball in Denver,” joins us to talk about a few more forgotten legends. We even get into his semi-pro ball club, the Denver Browns. While the Denver Bears/Zephyrs may have left town 30 years ago, Matthew Repplinger is doing many of the same things today in the Mile High City. DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE POD! iTunes link — Stitcher Link — Pocket Casts Link — Spotify Link