Denver Bears


Nathaniel Sunshine from RoxPile has a brain that operates differently than most and he shares details of some of his most interesting articles to date. What’s been the impact of the Bridich Barrier? Do the Denver Bears still exist? Should Coors Field adopt a retractable roof? And how would relegation and promotion work in MLB? “Five years later, has the…

Babe Ruth, Satchel Paige and new Hall of Famer Bud Fowler all had a hand in providing the state of Colorado with a rich baseball history. The man who literally wrote the book on it, “Baseball in Denver,” joins us to talk about a few more forgotten legends. We even get into his semi-pro ball club, the Denver Browns. While the Denver Bears/Zephyrs may have left town 30 years ago, Matthew Repplinger is doing many of the same things today in the Mile High City. DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE POD! iTunes link — Stitcher Link — Pocket Casts Link — Spotify Link

The Rockies use the altitude as an excuse. BY: TOM OLSON The Denver Bears and Denver Zephyrs played baseball at altitude and played the game with success. The City of Denver (as far as I know) has not shrunk in height over the years, as some older people do. It is still the same altitude now as it has always...

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