daylen kountz


BOULDER — With snow becoming more frequent and temperatures dropping, only one thing comes to mind: college basketball is back.

In a year unlike any other, 2020 has brought its share of woes. It feels like just yesterday that college basketball postseason festivities were cancelled out of the blue.

And what was one of the last completed college basketball game, you may ask? A Colorado Buffaloes loss in the first round of the Pac-12 Tournament. A loss that completed a five-game skid for the Buffs after a very promising campaign.

Since this was the last time anyone saw Colorado compete, it makes sense to temper expectations for a squad that skyrocketed up rankings during the season just to lose all momentum in the final month.

But there is hope – the 2020-2021 Colorado Buffaloes may just be stronger top-to-bottom than before, and they're primed to put together another 20-win season and return to the big dance.

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