CARSON, Calif. — This was the market correction. By myriad metrics, the Broncos’ production did not reflect that of an 0-4 team. Their flaws certainly didn’t mean they should be 4-0 or 3-1. But their attributes, when balanced with the areas in need of improvement, reflected a team that should have been .500 or 1-3. The expected win-loss ledger given…

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Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason has covered the NFL for 22 seasons and the Broncos for 17. Over the years, he has contributed Broncos content to CBS Sports, The Sporting News, The New York Times and the Broncos' official website. He also worked three seasons with and two years with the Carolina Panthers' official site. He is the author of "Tales from the Denver Broncos Sideline" and he lives in Denver with his wife and daughter.