In this episode, Steve Hess joins George Karl and Adam Mares to look back on 21 years as the strength and conditioning coach for the Denver Nuggets. Topics include:

  • Antonio McDyess, Mike D’Antoni, and an era that never took off
  • The arrival of Carmelo Anthony in Denver
  • How George Karl changed the direction of the Nuggets
  • What made Allen Iverson great?
  • Chauncey’s leadership and the 2009 run to the western conference finals
  • Lawson, Gallo, and the 57-win Nuggets
  • The moment Steve Hess knew Nikola Jokic was going to be a player


Intro of Steve Hess- 0:00
How Hess joined the Nuggets-
Lockout Year- 18:08
Carmelo Era- 19:30
Carmelo’s first year with Nuggets- 27:10
Coach Karl joins Nuggets- 28:10
2005 Season- 35:30
Thoughts on Allen Iverson- 44:20
Thoughts on JR Smith- 45:80
Thoughts on Chauncey Billups- 49:56
2010 Season- 53:10
Ty Lawson – 54:44
2013 Season- 58:01
First impression of Nikola Jokic- 59:09
Thoughts on current players- 1:01:00
Rapid fire questions- 1:01:45
SuperChat- 1:03:11


Denver native, lifelong Denver sports fan, credentialed Nuggets reporter, below average bio writer, above average post passer.