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Several Colorado Rockies are obsessed with Pokemon Go

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July 19, 2016


Pokemon Go is the mobile application that is singlehandedly responsible for Nintendo’s stock doubling, causing an uprising among smartphone users across the world, bringing people together and forcing them outside. More importantly, (at least for our purposes here) it’s become a new favorite game of the Colorado Rockies.

After finishing an interview, Rockies starter Jon Gray mentioned Closer Carlos Estevez had just convinced him to download the game. Gray also stated that right-handed relievers Adam Ottavino and Justin Miller are really into the game.

Estevez could not be reached for comment as he was motoring around the ballpark catching Pokemon on his long board. Meanwhile, several Rockies were congregating around Miller’s locker because it had become a Poke Stop.

Credit: Matt Sisneros
Credit: Matt Sisneros

Miller, 29, was placed on the DL earlier this month after appearing in his 31st game of the season. He has pitched 35-and-a-third innings this year with a 5.35 ERA. While on rehab he’s attempting to catch ’em all.

“I spend a ton of time on it,” Miller said. “My wife made me download it and you’re not supposed to do it when you drive, so I drive around and she’s got her phone in one hand and my phone in another hand, so when everything pops up she’s flicking things everywhere and I’m like driving around trying to keep it steady.”

The Rockies just got back from a road series in Atlanta but that didn’t stop Miller from his pursuit in the game.

“Yesterday when we got off the bus we probably played it for two hours, driving around,” Miller told of his day of gaming Sunday. “Today we got out early to run some errands and the entire time we were running errands we were playing it.”

Although Miller won’t be seeing the field anytime during this homestand because of his injury, that hasn’t kept him from playing games at Coors Field. Just not a baseball game.

“I’ve been playing it here at the field,” Miller explained. “Once I started playing it, then I told everyone and they’re trying to join in. We just got Jon (Gray) to sign up too. It’s perfect, here at the ballpark we got a bunch of Poke Stops and there is one right by my locker so I keep flicking it and catching Pokemon.”

Aside from all the fun Miller is having catching the virtual critters he sees a cooler reason for the app’s existence.

“It’s a cool app,” Miller described. “It’s cause for the right purposes, you gotta get out and actually walk around. My little brother is a big gamer, he doesn’t get much physical activity, now he’s getting out and walking around. He’s getting more cardio than he’d ever get. I love the fact that it’s getting kids out. I just do it for fun.”

“It gets kids out of the house!” Gray added from his locker.

“It’s awesome, it’s a popular animated cartoon that I watched with my little brothers, it’s built for all generations and it’s awesome,” Miller said with a smile.

Credit: Matt Sisneros
Credit: Matt Sisneros

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