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Season can't end soon enough for Colorado Rockies fans, expect more excuses from the front office soon

David Martin Avatar
September 14, 2014
Franklin Morales couldn’t help the Rockies score runs on Saturday.

Every game counts.

Baseball purists will talk about how important every game is in a 162 game season. They will point to several seasons in which it came down to the final game, and even on occasion the 163rd game in order to sort it all out.

Don’t tell a fan of the Colorado Rockies how important all 162 games are.

For the few Rockies fans who haven’t checked out and figured out something else to do with the waning days of summer, it is a matter of counting down the days. With the Rockies in the midst of a six-game road trip in which they have had next to no chance in any of the first five games, watching the Rockies stumble through nine innings is a huge waste of time.

The Rockies on Saturday mounted a late rally, figuring out a way to get three runs across in the 9th inning. That fourth run, however, wasn’t going to happen. Ironically, the three runs that they scored in the 9th inning was just one run shy of what they had scored in the entire road trip up to that point.

There is still some things to be discussed, such as why former top pick Kyle Parker hasn’t seen his name in the starting lineup since his September call-up. A guy like Parker is someone who the Rockies should be very interested in seeing at the big league level. They have Michael Cuddyer’s contract coming to an end at the conclusion of the season and Parker essentially represents that first guy in line to replace his bat and his defensive positions. However, Parker continues to watch from the dugout. He did get a pinch hit appearance on Saturday, but after not being in a game for more than 10 days, what could the Rockies have expected?

The amount of playing time that lame-duck Cuddyer has received down the stretch in a lost season is indicative of one of two things. First, either the Rockies are planning on going hard to re-sign the aging and oft-injured outfielder, or second, they don’t believe that any of the call-ups are going to be good enough to get the job done, so they are going with Cuddyer.

The lineup decisions down the stretch have been baffling to say the least. In a season that wasn’t as abysmal, fans would be absolutely outraged at the decisions on who is playing and where they are playing, or more importantly, who isn’t playing. However, in a season like the 2014 campaign, most die-hard Rockies fans turned in their purple pinstripes a month ago. Watching this team just doesn’t make sense anymore. There isn’t anything to discover about who they are going to be in 2015 and there isn’t anything left to discover in 2014.

The apathy might dissipate in time, but one quick way the Rockies could reinvigorate their fan base is by making a tough decision in the front office. Most fans would vote for Dan O’Dowd and Bill Geivett to be packing their desks into a nice cardboard box, but the second option might work as well. That option is for Dick Monfort to remove himself from the role of team president, a position that he has shown time and again that he is far under-qualified for.

If Monfort can make the decision to remove himself from that position and to bring someone in from the outside to take a shot at changing the beloved culture, the Rockies and their fans might have a reason to get excited again. Instead, this team will likely keep things status quo and simply move forward, thinking that things will suddenly get better.

Don’t be shocked if one of the things that comes from the front office and ownership in the offseason is bragging about the success of many of the Rockies farm clubs. On Saturday the Asheville Tourists, the Rockies South Atlantic League affiliate in Single-A captured the league title. Two other teams, including the Double-A Tulsa Drillers are also playing in their respective league championships.

While the success of those minor league teams should bring some hope to the average Rockies fan, it also comes with a rolling of the eyes. The reason for the cynicism is because that success will likely result in O’Dowd and company trying to build up hope by talking about the next batch of prospects that the Rockies have coming up. The problem is, Rockies fans have heard that same line for years, with no impact players reaching the big leagues since Nolan Arenado.

Rockies fans don’t believe the hype, but they all know who will–Dick Monfort. The owners lack of baseball knowledge will result in O’Dowd being able to re-sell the same idea over and over again to Monfort in order to save his job, and ultimately do nothing to change the way things have gone.

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