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Sean Payton gives an update on the Denver Broncos’ quarterback search and Russell Wilson’s future

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February 12, 2024

Sean Payton’s still looking to fall in love. With a quarterback, that is.

On the Friday before Super Bowl LVIII, Payton was asked by Kay Adams on the Up & Adams Show if he’s looking to fall in love with a quarterback.

The Denver Broncos’ head coach simply responded: “Yeah.”

While on the surface that doesn’t sound like great news for Russell Wilson’s future with the team, Payton made it clear no decision has been made when it comes to Wilson’s future. Yet.

“I think that decision is going to happen quicker than later, relative to Russ,” Payton told Adams in Las Vegas.

This was a similar message to what the head coach told the quarterback the day after the season ended too.

“I told him, ‘I don’t think it will be a long, drawn-out process,’ but it hasn’t been decided, relative to what our plans are,” Payton said on Jan. 9, regarding his 30-minute conversation with Wilson the day after the season ended. “As soon as we know something, he would be the first to know.”

Over a month later, the decision hasn’t been made. But a new, significant, part of the quarterback evaluation process started.

On Monday, the Broncos began their draft meetings, Payton told Adams.

“We’re in 10-hour draft meetings,” the head coach added. “And I’m sure one of those days we’ll start with the quarterbacks and we’re going to read USC, North Carolina — whatever that order is.”

USC and North Carolina, of course, have two of the top quarterbacks in the draft, if not the top two, in Caleb Williams and Drake Maye.

However, since Broncos draft meetings just got underway, Payton insinuated everything that’s been speculated about what Denver might do in the draft is not true.

“Everything you’ve heard and read about us — ‘Oh, we’re going to trade up, trade down’ — I can’t tell you the jersey numbers of these rookie quarterbacks. We haven’t even seen them yet,” Payton stated, frustrated with the rumors. “So, our plan, to do this thing the right way is to really assess the quarterback position — Are we going to be able to find it in the draft? Are we going to find it in free agency? Or is it in the building?”

The one area Payton didn’t mention was the possibility of finding their next quarterback in a trade. Was that intentional by Payton or just simply an oversight?

The head coach and decision maker did not circle back on that specifically, but he did go out of his way to talk about potentially drafting a quarterback.

“Here’s what I do know. Let’s say, hypothetically there are six or seven [quarterbacks] that are taken in the first round. How many end up hitting on? Two? So are we in love with any of them? Or do we just — if you’re not careful, you can get on this NFL van and you’re on the van and the internet and the experts and it’s like, ‘Oh this is who you’re supposed to take.’ Don’t get on the NFL van. Just listen to it,” Payton explained.

“Because if we get on the NFL van, [the New Orlean Saints] never draft Alvin Kamara,” the head coach continued. “If we get on the NFL van, we start making decisions based on just — You got to be able to pay attention to the wisdom and noise on the van and hear it, as far as it helps us, relative to the information, but if we like one of these guys a lot, then I’m unconcerned where people think we should draft them. Really. Unconcerned.”

Not that it was ever truly in question, but draft experts won’t dictate who the Broncos take or where they select a specific player.

Additionally, not that it was ever truly in question, Payton hasn’t fallen in love with Wilson or any other quarterback yet.

But on Monday, the team began a very important step for Payton to potentially find the next quarterback of the Denver Broncos.

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