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Ranking the 2016 NFL "Color Rush" uniforms

Ryan Koenigsberg Avatar
September 13, 2016


The NFL released their 2016 set of Color Rush uniforms on Tuesday morning, and most of them are pretty awesome.

The good news, if you’re color blind, the NFL is looking out for you this year, doing their best to avoid matchups with unis that clash. The bad news, The Falcons—who had one of the cleanest looks—don’t get to wear their unis because, well, they’re playing the Bucs who also have a red uniform.

So, while we’ll only be ranking the uniforms that will be worn this season (no Falcons, Jets, Browns, Texans, Colts or Washington), the Falcons get an honorable mention.

(Click any photo to enlarge)


Let’s get started.

47. Jacksonville Jaguars

These are literally so terrible the don’t even deserve to be a part of the actual countdown. Like, after these mustard rags got roasted into oblivion last season, how did the NFL not make a change? The Jags have black as an option, just go all black and keep it simple. Good God.


The Jags already having the worst helmets in the league doesn’t help, either.

26. Green Bay Packers

These are just boring. I mean, you can’t blame the NFL for having nothing to work with when it comes to the Packers awful colors, but that doesn’t excuse the boringness.


25. Washington Football Team

I think they’re just trying to distract from the whole racist nickname thing by deflecting with a different color.


24. Oakland Raiders

The Raiders should actually just not be invited to the Color Rush party because, well, they don’t have any colors on their uniform.


23. Dallas Cowboys



22. New York Giants



21. Tennessee Titans

Having white helmets opened the door for the Titans to be one of the few teams that could go white-on-white-on-white and have it actually look sweet. Instead, these smurf-looking things aren’t great.


20. Kansas City Chiefs

Do you remember when Twizzlers made those filled flavor mix things that were terrible?



19. Philadelphia Eagles

You can almost never go wrong with black-on-black. . . Unless your other color is dark green.


18. Carolina Panthers

The teal is awesome as an accent color. The Panthers black-on-black and black-on-silver are some of the best combos in the NFL. These, though, are not.


17. Chicago Bears

Okay, we’ve made it through all the bad ones. The Bears look is solid, but I think they would’ve ended up higher on the list if they featured orange. Maybe the NFL wanted to reserve Orange & Blue for the champs.


16. Seattle Seahawks

Probably the boldest look of all. The only problem I have here is how this will look up against green grass.


15. Arizona Cardinals

A good look for sure. Very Louisville-esque.


14. New England Patriots

Nice work keeping the Patriots looking classic even in a new-age uniform.


13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The metal-looking numbers really pop on this uniform. Accents the helmets nicely.


12. Buffalo Bills

Shame these didn’t make the top-10 because they are nice. The white helmets make all the difference when comparing with the Twizzler-twists in KC.


11. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams found a way to make all-yellow look sweet. Bonus points for having the correct LA Rams helmet.


10. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens just barely lose out in the purple push, mostly because the Vikings helmets are way better.


9. Minnesota Vikings

These won’t look nearly as cool on Shaun Hill and Sam Bradford. RIP Teddy. Ugh.


8. Detroit Lions

Best possible thing you could do with the Lions colors.


7. San Francisco 49ers

One of the best looks in the league. The only deduction is that we’ve seen them before.


6. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins just barely lose out in the Orange-off, but these are extremely clean.


5. San Diego Chargers

Classic. The bolts really pop, and the facemask is great.


4. Cincinnati Bengals

Something about the black and white tiger stripes make these especially great. Might have been higher if it wasn’t for this weird zoo thing.


3. Denver Broncos

Full disclosure: The actual jerseys don’t warrant a ranking this high, but the helmets are so far and away better than all the others. The Broncos get a boost to (almost) the top.


2. Pittsburgh Steelers

Thought these were No. 1 when I first laid eyes on them. Perfect all-black execution.


1.  New Orleans Saints

These are so incredibly fresh; the gold is so perfect on the numbers. There is no chance the Saints lose while wearing these, put another loss on the board for the Panthers.

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-12-46-46-pm screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-12-48-17-pm

All in all, a good job by the NFL on most of these.



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