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Ram fan spotlight: Michael Ochs, "A packed Hughes, or Moby, can't be outdone."

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May 15, 2016


A while back, we looked at Lance Krisl, our first Colorado State super-fan in our Ram fan spotlight series. Our second spotlight is on Michael Ochs, a 2012 CSU graduate with an Animal Science degree. Originally, Michael was a CU fan growing up due to his cousin Craig Ochs playing quarterback for the Buffaloes in 2000. But don’t hate the guy; eventually he came to his senses and changed his allegiance to the green and gold, when he chose to pursue his education in Fort Collins.

Since graduating, Ochs’ passion for Colorado State athletics has continued and he has an extensive memorabilia collection that would impressive any stalwart ram fan.

“I love CSU memorabilia because it’s a constant reminder of the progress that’s happening at CSU,” Ochs told BSN. “There is always something new, something better. As they strive for better academics, and athletics, I strive to support more, and show that support visually.”


Michael’s extensive collection includes a variety of homemade items that are both unique and impressive.

“I really love the cornhole boards I made,” Ochs said. “ Everything online seemed cheap, and flimsy. I knew I could do better. So we built up a matching pair, got some CSU bags online, and they were ready to roll! They’ve been great for tailgating.”


His collection also includes decorative Ram skulls, which he has received as gifts from his father as Christmas gifts over the years or purchased at auctions, and a Rocky Mountain Showdown mirror.

“Honestly, probably my favorite piece,” Ochs said. “It’s become a focal point. Those bar mirrors are awesome, and I was just lucky that one of my good friends offered it to me. He told me no one else would appreciate it as much. And that’s a fact!”


The latest addition to the CSU super-fan’s collection is a beautiful handmade mahogany and white oak table.

“The table that is in the works is my pride and joy! It has been a stressful build, I’ve been very concerned that something is going to go wrong, and it’ll be ruined, but so far so good,” Michael told BSN.

Creating the impressive table was a delicate process.

“I decided that I wanted to give it a little flare, that’s where my metal Ram’s head comes in.  I bought that completely separate, and it just dawned on me, it would look awesome in the table.  So we used a router so we could set the head into the table.  Currently that’s where I’m at. Hoping to finish it up this week!! Just waiting on the metal table legs, and the frame the table will sit in.”

A second view of the amazing table he recently created with a cut-out Rams logo in the middle.
A second view of the amazing table he recently created with a cut-out Rams logo in the middle.

Michael’s passion for CSU is one of many examples of the mighty and proud Ram fans. When game day rolls around, he is the type of fan that attends every game he can. Sports have the ability to bring people together in ways that cannot be matched in nearly any other setting. Thousands of fans cheering on their team and adding to an electric atmosphere. Ochs believes that when in full capacity, CSU is one of the best atmospheres around.

“Ram Nation is something unique in and of itself,” Ochs explained. “A packed Hughes, or Moby can’t be outdone. And I cannot wait for the new OCS for that reason. I honestly think this is where we need to improve. We need more of that dedication to CSU athletics. I am, and will continue to do my best to get as many people to sporting events. A lot of people don’t understand what a packed stadium can do for a team.”

With a lot of national attention on Big 12 expansion, many have speculated on Colorado State’s chances at leaving the Mountain West for greener pastures. CSU has certainly continued to be impressive on their Power 5 resume, and Ochs like most CSU fans, hopes to see athletics grow and eventually reach the Power 5.

Ochs believes Colorado State is trending in the right direction, but there is work to be done still.

First off, we need to win consistently,” Ochs said. “We need a year, like last year, where we’re top 5 in the nation in win percentage. That has to happen year in, and year out. Then, we need fan support, big time! Sellouts in football and basketball, all the time. Just a fact.”

Although attendance has been up for football over the last three years, fan support has been inconsistent at best for a program that is trying to prove they are ready for the big leagues. If Ram fans want to help prove their program is ready for the big-time, they must consistently fill the seats.

CSU AD Joe Parker has done a tremendous job helping the Colorado State brand grow, securing an improved deal with Under Armour and increasing the amount of Power 5 opponents the Rams will be playing in the next few years, But, Ochs believes an increase in student support is needed, and he is comfortable with the current leadership in place.

“Really we need to do a better job of getting students to games,” Ochs told BSN. “We can fill Hughes, and Moby three times over with our student body. “

Ochs believes that weekly on-campus pep rallies would help spotlight upcoming games could lead to an increase in student attendance, and that more support from local businesses around town will help promote the Rams locally.

Our athletics are up and coming, but we as fans are three steps behind,” Ochs said. “I think we need to get involved with more businesses to help market games. We should be seeing schedules and results in every storefront. I know that Joe will get things figured out. I love what he’s doing!”

There is more buzz around CSU athletics right now than there has been in over a decade. This program is coming together at the perfect time, and fans are naturally excited for the possibility of brighter horizons. Ultimately, fans like Michael Ochs can help make a difference, especially locally.

The Colorado State faithful is a dedicated and passionate group of fans, and their love for everything green and gold is what makes covering this program so satisfying. CSU fans love this program wholeheartedly, and the national perception that Ram football lacks support has slowly been changing the last half decade.

More fans like Ochs and Krisl just might be the difference in helping this program gain the national attention they are seeking.

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