FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Student-athletes from around the Mountain West are demanding better protocols regarding testing for COVID-19, and they’re doing so via multiple social media platforms with the movement #MWUnited. 

In a series of images shared Thursday night, football players from around the league made it clear that if the intention is to play this fall, then there must be more consistent testing for everyone involved. 

According to the conditions, the players want to be tested at least once per week. But they also want coaches, trainers, and anyone else that comes in contact with them to be tested weekly as well. 

Additionally, along with proper contact tracing and sanitary practices that adhere to CDC guidelines, the players want eligibility insurances and scholarship protections for those that choose to opt out.  

Last but certainly not least, the student-athletes are demanding whistleblower protection for athletes and staff members that report suspected violations to COVID-19 protocols. Considering the on-going situation at CSU, this particular section is extremely relevant to the Rams.

With the league recently announcing its intention to play a 10-game schedule this fall, it will certainly be interesting to see how the Mountain West handles this situation. Here is the league’s official response, which released late Thursday night:

Testing at this rate would obviously be expensive but most of the demands are highly reasonable if the league wants to best assure the safety of the people in the locker rooms.

Justin Michael

Justin has been covering Colorado State athletics since 2015 & has been featured in multiple national outlets. Along with keeping up with the Mountain West, Justin loves the local teams and has been going to Broncos games since he was six years old. Follow Justin on Twitter - @JustinTMichael