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More of the same from the Colorado Rockies

David Martin Avatar
July 3, 2015


The sad thing about the 2015 season for the Colorado Rockies is that it is only the beginning of July.

Had the Root Sports cameras panned over to the Rockies dugout at the end of the Diamondbacks 8-1 drubbing of the Rockies, there very well may have been a white flag being waved. It hasn’t just been that type of road trip for the Rockies, it has been that type of season–again.

Face the facts, the Rockies are a terrible baseball team. The potential of the Rockies being a good team if everything goes right is a line of thinking that needs to end. The plan of crossing fingers and hoping for the best is something that the previous regime forced upon the Rockies franchise, and now the new regime is saddled with trying to remove that mental hurdle.

The idea of “if’s” will never work. The thought that if only the stars can stay healthy, the young players can play above their level and the pitching can magically all have career years is impossible. The odds of all of those things coming together at the same time is a proposition that simply will never happen.

The reality for the Rockies is this; they are firmly entrenched as a cellar-dweller until they can figure out how to draft well and how to develop that talent that they draft. They also must continue making saavy decisions in the off-season when it comes to signing affordable veterans who still might have some gas left in the tank. The inevitable reality for Rockies fans is that to get this thing fixed, it is going to take time.

Time is the last thing that Rockies fans want to give. After a 2009 season in which it looked like the Rockies were well on their way to turning the corner and becoming a perennial contender, the Rockies simply fell apart. A team that had loaded their farm system with talent and seemingly developed several very good Major League players simply lost their way. They forgot how to play baseball. At that point, the excuses became status quo.

Meanwhile, Rockies fans had a taste, albeit a small one, of what winning tasted like. With the talent there, the Rockies struggles were tough to swallow. Every year the Rockies had a chance to be very good, but every year something went wrong. When Dan O’Dowd and Co. made the injury excuse it was acceptable for the first couple of years. However, when the team only got worse, with no help on the horizon, it became evident that there wasn’t a plan in Colorado.

The reality is, even if Jeff Bridich is the answer for the Rockies, fans who want to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel must be starting to realize that if there is a light, it is still a really long way off. It is going to take more time, and plenty of time, before the Rockies right the ship. It isn’t going to happen in 2015 and probably won’t happen in 2016.

The Rockies aren’t close to being good. They have deceptive talent that might make people believe that they are close, but they have a long way to go. They need some serious help from the minor leagues that isn’t ready to contribute at the big league level yet. Even when that talent is ready, it will take time for those players to get their feet wet and feel comfortable.

It would be a much easier task to bring good news to Rockies fans, but the reality is a harsh one. The Rockies are very bad and they aren’t anywhere close to fixing things.

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