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More of the same for the Colorado Rockies

David Martin Avatar
June 20, 2015


It’s no fun. Being a Colorado Rockies fan just isn’t any fun right now. There is no way around it.

On Friday night, normally reliable Jorge De La Rosa didn’t have his best stuff. He was hit with three runs in the 1st inning and the game was essentially over.

For the Rockies, De La Rosa is the best pitcher they have. However, even a team’s best pitcher is allowed to have a bad night. However, the problem is, when no one behind De La Rosa is very good, it means that much more pressure is heaved upon the back of their ace. His bad days are magnified that much more because the Rockies are depending so much upon him.

All of the other starters behind De La Rosa have had good starts, but none of them have done it consistently enough to be depended on. The one guy who the Rockies absolutely depend on is De La Rosa. His bad days don’t come very often, but they hurt when they show up.

What’s left to be said? The Rockies are in the midst of a very tough season. Anyone following this team knew what was coming. Anyone who has paid attention to what has gone on in the past five years understands that 2015 wasn’t a year when the Rockies would contend, or even win a respectable amount of games. The struggles are no surprise, and frankly, they are nothing new. However, that doesn’t make it easier to live through. It doesn’t make it easier for fans to watch.

There is nothing left to say to raise the hopes of Rockies fans. It’s time to face the facts. There might be brighter days ahead for this franchise. There might be plenty of days where the sun will shine on Colorado in the future. However, it’s been a really long time since the sun has shined on the purple pinstripes. In fact, it seems like a dark rain cloud has been following them for a very long time. It is tough to watch.

That rain cloud seems to be effecting every aspect of the Rockies. It seems that every replay goes in the wrong direction. It feels like every call an umpire makes somehow costs Colorado. It just isn’t fun for this team right now.

There is no positive spin to put on it right now. It is a very bad situation. It isn’t a good time to be a Rockies fan. Those sticking around have chosen to endure through the tough days. Maybe some day they will be rewarded. However, that light at the end of the tunnel right now looks more like the front of a train than the light of day.

These are the times when the Rockies must dig deep. They must look inside themselves and decide who they are as a team and who they are as individuals. Does this team want to be something special, or do they want to give in to the losing. They can give up and go through the motions, or they can find a way to get better and fight every day.

The decision is up to them. However, while they figure out who they are, it is going to require patience from Rockies fans. Those fans have already had to exude more patience than should be asked for.

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