When Kris Bryant went on the 10-day injured list for a back strain on Friday, there were no indicators he would be available to gave updates on his recovery.

Then, as if to brighten the mood on his unfortunate situation, he spoke with media on Sunday morning in the Rockies’ dugout at Coors Field.

He was very much in good spirits and had some good one-liners despite his condition.

He can’t tell you anything about his MRI.

“I’m not a doctor,” Bryant said when asked about his MRI results. “Just a lot of big words in three syllables, maybe even a couple of four syllables in there, too.”

From what he tells us, he’ll be fine.

“I just know from what I’ve heard from the staff and the doctors. They said, ‘We can definitely get you on the program to where it’s better for you.’”

Was it the beds?

Brendan Rodgers missed four games himself with a similar back soreness and the hotel beds from their recent road trip to Detroit and Philadelphia may have had something to do with it.

“Five-star jail cell,” Bryant joked about the hotel’s conditions. “I know it’s a little more high maintenance, but I know a lot of football guys who actually travel with their own beds. They only play eight games on the road a year so they’re able to do that. But baseball, we’re not there. BRod, I think there’s definitely some truth to that.”

Travel aside, Bryant had a lot to say about the quality of sleep being different at altitude.

“I’ve been asking around, I guess the lack of oxygen compared to sea level; that’s what they’ve been telling me.”

Maybe it’s a growth spurt.

Naturally, the 30-year-old was asked if he’s had back issues before.

“I guess maybe years and years ago. Just standard back pain that you go through when you’re going through growth spurts. Maybe I’m going through another growth spurt,” quipped the 6’5” left fielder.

“All jokes aside, saying something this early is beneficial for me and the team… doing all that I can to not hurt myself any further or hurt the team any further.”

He just wants to get ahead of it before it gets worse.

“I mean, maybe five or six years ago I’d have been nervous (about the results of the MRI), but just learning [about] myself and learning how to succeed at the big league level… I just felt like this was something I needed to try to find a way to really get under control.”

“You’re gonna have your bumps and bruises along the way. Some that you can obviously manage and control and others that you need to speak up and say something. I just felt like this was something I needed to try to find a way to really get under control.”

New team, new environment, new altitude – Will Bryant be ok?

“I’ll figure it out. I’ve got a long time here.”

Here’s to hoping the IL stint is a drop in the bucket for the four-time All-Star during his seven years in Colorado.