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Just My Take: To boo or not to boo Von Miller?

John Reidy Avatar
July 1, 2016


Just-my-take (1)To boo or not to boo. That was the question in Denver this week.

Should we have booed Troy Tulowitzki or welcomed him back like a returning hero? Denver media was divided on the subject while some went so far as to say if you’re going to applaud Tulo, you should do the same for Carmelo Anthony and Brock Osweiler.

This, of course, is unmitigated bullshit.

Tulowitzki, no matter what you think of him personally, was glad to play for the Rockies. Carmelo Anthony lied his way out of Denver and couldn’t keep his diaper empty long enough to admit that he wanted to move on. While Osweiler gave the Broncos the silent treatment like the patron saint of passive aggressive boyfriends after being benched for a Hall of Famer.

Tulo received a nice ovation this week at Coors and he obliged the Rockies faithful by tipping his cap to the crowd before going 0-4 on the night. We probably shouldn’t go too far out of our way as fans to do that again, but it was a nice gesture for one player who had no choice but to leave. Melo and Osweiler however, deserve all of the grief they receive.

And now you as a fan, have another decision to make here soon.

Do you boo Von Miller?

What? Really? Is this even a thing? Why yes, it is.

Miller, in the midst of a contentious contract negotiation with your Denver Broncos, has been projected by everyone to either sit out the season, get traded, sign a lucrative contract or play anyway under the franchise tag. And according to everyone, any one of these things could happen.

I believe the Broncos will pony up enough money to keep Miller happy. But why they wait so long to do it is a mystery. Maybe 104.3 the Fan is bankrolling part of the contract to keep dragging it out so they have something to talk about, but this should get resolved here very soon. It usually does.

But what if it doesn’t?

What if Miller sits out the season? It’s probably not going to happen because no one, no matter how much money they’ve made previously, would leave millions of dollars on the table. That would be like protesting your lack of getting laid by lopping your junk off. It just doesn’t make sense. And if he sat out and you saw him walking down the street, you’d boo the living hell out of him.

He could get traded. Talk radio is already envisioning scenarios (that’s what they do this time of year) of what John Elway could get for the Super Bowl MVP. This won’t happen either because nothing you could get for Miller would help the team now while the championship window is open. And if he did get traded, it wouldn’t matter, Von would still get the Andre Iguodala special: Boo City.

He could play under the franchise tag which would be just fine with the Broncos. Miller would play hard, still looking for that expected payday, and being another year older, the Broncos could then jettison him after the season and save mega bucks. No one should boo him for this, but knowing he’d brought this on himself by not taking a deal and that he’d certainly be gone after this season, it would bring out the Boo Birds like Gary Bettman walking out to get his mail.

The players have limited time to make their fortunes and some never get to do that. For a player like Miller, who has overcome several obstacles on his way to becoming Super Bowl MVP, he’s primed and ready to cash in. The Broncos, always looking a few years down the road, want to make the best decision for the team. But it always ends up blowing up in the player’s face because people will almost always take team over player, when as human beings we should mostly be taking the side of labor over management.

So if Von’s tenure with the Broncos takes a turn for the worse, how do you handle him as a fan? Like the company man who endured his time with the team like Tulo did? Or like the gutless, poser Carmelo Anthony who could have been a legend in Denver if he wasn’t such a spineless coward?

I’m not into booing any player unless they are Eddie Kennison. And I certainly wouldn’t boo Von if he simply tried to get paid what he deserves and had to part ways with the Broncos. But people don’t think that way. Fans would boo their own mothers if they even looked at their favorite team the wrong way. And people are going to turn on Von Miller for simply trying to get what he’s worth. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, is the question for Von. To boo or not to boo, that is the question for you the fans.

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